Zero Labs Electric Ford Bronco SUV

What we had not seen is an all-electric original Bronco, but a California-based startup called Zero Labs Automotive has got that covered. Meet the Zero Labs Ford Bronco, the world’s first electric.

If there’s any time to jump on the Bronco train, Zero Labs has nailed it. The new company is based out of California and hopes to capture people’s passion for electric and classic cars in one product.

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Zero Labs Automotive, LLC introduces the new category of premium classic electric vehicles. Their first production vehicle – a fully restored and re-engineered classic (1966-77) ford Bronco is.

Zero Labs An LA company is reimagining one of the most beloved SUVs of all time with an all-electric version of the Ford Bronco. While the overall shape and styling remains the same, the classic SUV has been thoroughly re-engineered with a fully electric, brushless permanent magnet AC BorgWarner motor that is powered by a 70 kWh battery that.

Zero labs’ electric classic ford bronco suv restomod is available to reserve, features a manual transmission, off-road suspension and original chassis. Before January even began, we christened 2019 "the year of the Bronco."

Electric automotive company Zero Labs recently showed off a souped up sustainable version of the SUV that runs 100 percent on electricity. Zero Labs’s car, available in a limited edition batch of.

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"Classic vehicles represent how we keep our past alive, the spirit of who we are, a conflict between pride and shame, and now they are a symbol for change." The Zero Labs Ford Bronco vehicles are handcrafted with newly designed aerospace grade carbon fiber construction, molded wood consoles, all digital, and more than 1,000 newly designed parts.

Zero Labs is a company with a mission to produce excellent all-electric versions of classic cars. Its first classic? The Ford Bronco-a fine choice, considering the auto world is eagerly awaiting the legendary SUV’s return in 2020 after a nearly 25-year hiatus.

Zero Labs Automotive is showing off its plan to build an electric version of the original Ford Bronco. considering most electric vehicles use just a single speed. In this case, the build seeks to.