‘Yoga saved my life’: Iraq War veteran who lost both legs in bomb attack now teaches yoga worldwide

2 VFW MARCH 2018 O ur youngest population of veterans Iraq War veterans observe a signicant milestone this month. Fifteen years ago, their war began. They achieved their primary goal of removing Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein from power in less than a month, but that war would ofcially continue for more than eight years.

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Santa Rosa Press Democrat: Dan Nevins, a former Windsor resident, will speak at Monday’s 48th annual Avenue of the flags memorial day celebration at Santa Rosa Memorial Park..

A double amputee Iraq war veteran who beat his demons by practicing yoga, credits the sport and art form for turning his life around. Now-retired Army staff sergeant Dan Nevins, 46, had his legs blasted off in an explosion while he was serving a tour in Iraq in 2004, The Washington Post reported Friday.

Army veteran Bryan Fant of Camp Hill,Pa., was in a tailspin of prescription painkillers, weight gain and depression when he discovered yoga, and turned his life around. DAN GLEITER/THE PATRIOT.

500-acre wildfire in the Panhandle Fueled by Hurricane Michael Debris In October, Hurricane Michael charged toward the Florida Panhandle. Florida Governor Rick. Fast-moving flames – fueled by fierce winds – devoured everything in their path. The fire scorched 153,000.

To save your interests across all devices Log In. Officials identify US service member killed during combat operation in Iraq.. Nine people were killed in the attack in Dayton, Ohio. Aug 10.

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The number of Americans who remain missing from conflicts in this century are: World War II 73,025, korean war 7730, Vietnam War 1604, Cold War (126), Iraq and other conflicts (5). Over 600 Defense Department men and women — both military and civilian — work in organizations around the world as part of DoD’s personnel recovery and personnel.