Ultimate Guide To Pest Proofing Your Home

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ultimate. termite. guide. termites are a threat to your home. But we’ll give you the upper hand with these termite basics. But we’ll give you the upper hand with these termite basics. It’s rodent awareness week; Pest-proof To Get Rid Of Mice And Rats termite control services – Should You Or Shouldn’t You?

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How to Pest-Proof Your Kitchen istockphoto.com If you’ve ever gone to your pantry for a bag of sugar or a box of cereal only to find that the corner has been chewed open and its contents are spilling out everywhere, then you already know that your pantry can easily become a magnet for rodents and insects.

Mouse Proofing Jerrys Cabin - The 20 Year Battle Outlined below are six useful tips for pest proofing one’s home or place of business. Steps 1-3 will also conserve energy and increase the comfort level during summer and winter. Equipment and materials mentioned can be purchased at most home improvement or hardware stores. Install door sweeps or thresholds at the base of all exterior entry doors.

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3 Ways to Pest-Proof Your Home. For many families, having guests in the house is a time of fun and friendship. But if those guests are unwanted pests like mice, rats, insects or the like, it can make your home seem more like a nightmare than a dream.