Twin Galaxies Removes Former Donkey Kong Champ Billy Mitchell’s High Scores

"King of Kong" champ Billy Mitchell, a former Hollywood resident who now lives in Weston, was officially stripped of his Donkey Kong world record and other high. Twin Galaxies administrative staff.

Anonymous 1: Twin Galaxies only allows one score per player. As soon as you beat one of your previous scores, the old one is replaced with the new one. Billy and Steve have both beaten the scores they achieved in the movie. Anonymous 2: Unfortunately, 60-in-1 boards are not (currently) accepted by Twin Galaxies for Donkey Kong scores.

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“Based on the complete body of evidence presented in this official dispute thread, Twin Galaxies administrative staff has unanimously decided to remove all of Billy Mitchell’s’ scores. the world.

“At the time, the system made a lot of sense,” recalls Jace Hall, a former video game producer and executive at Monolith and Warner Bros. Interactive, who acquired Twin Galaxies. Billy Mitchell’s.

Twin Galaxies Removes Former Donkey Kong Champ Billy Mitchell’s High Scores. In the interview, Mitchell also claimed that the score had been witnessed by Twin Galaxies owner Pete Bouvier, a statement which seemed to contradict statements made by Mitchell at the time the score was announced.

World's Most Infamous Donkey Kong Player Caught Cheating! Donkey Kong scoreboard strips Billy Mitchell’s high score claims [Updated] Amid all this unfolding drama, Robbie Lakeman managed to beat his own Donkey Kong world record in a livestreamed performance on Friday. Lakeman surpassed a December mark of 1,230,100 by scoring 1,247,700 points.

The case against an all-time donkey kong great, explained (update). point high scores thrown out by Donkey Kong’s largest online community. Another is under question at Twin Galaxies, the.

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Twin Galaxies Removes Former Donkey Kong Champ Billy Mitchell's High Scores. Billy Mitchell at the Pac-Man 35th Birthday Celebration, May 22, 2015, tracks video game records and high scores, have been scrubbed.

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 · Its interesting the topic that is going on at Twin Galaxies about the recent Donkey Kong record. So what do you think? Should Mame count? I personally dont like Mame and think it should remain separate from the actual arcade machine. Also, I am not too sure about the fact that a.