The 11 best books we read in 2016

On this week’s show, the British-American author talks about her 1,000-page stream-of-consciousness and we chat about difficult books’ Podcast. Read our pick of the best books.

 · Update your to-read list, because it’s a good year for books. Search.. The Best Books of 2019 (So Far). ” We have little doubt that the.

The Best of the Best Books I Read in 2016. December 19, 2016. Kahneman, a Nobel prize-winning psychologist, lays bare all the ways in which we are hideously and hopelessly irrational. This has all sorts of implications for self-improvement, the way we treat others, and the way we structure.

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 · Laura Miller is a books and culture columnist for Slate and the author of The Magician’s Book: A Skeptic’s Adventures in Narnia. Follow her on Twitter.

PW Staff Picks: The Best Books We Read in 2016 Dec 15, 2016 Though we’ve already named our Best Books of 2016 , we all have our personal favorites, and not all of them are from 2016.

though we’re dying to know what noise your internal voice produces when you “read” it) peaked at #9 on Billboard’s US.

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The Best Books to Read in 2019.. 11) The Most Fun We Ever Had: A Novel.. In his first novel since 2016’s Pulitzer Prize-winning The Underground Railroad, Colson Whitehead tells.

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It’s barely 11/12ths over!. Though we read many wonderful works of fiction this year, these 18 novels and collections were particularly outstanding:. The 18 Best Fiction Books Of 2016. Fascinating And Macabre Non-Fiction Books To Read.

The 10 Best Books We Read in 2016. December 28, 2016. No matter how many shows fill our Netflix queue, reading never gets old. And along with a slew of binge-worthy programming, 2016 brought us a.

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We asked our library staff what were the best books they read in 2015. List: The Great Zoo of China – Matthew Reilly When The Night Comes – Favel Parrett The Anti-Cool Girl – Rosie Waterland The.

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