Poignant Photo Series Captures Raw Emotions Of Pet Owners As They Say Goodbye

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Woman creates photographic farewell letter to her dog after they’re both diagnosed with cancer. The photographer self-published a photographic memoir, titled Heart Dog, in 2014, which showed how Jazzy had grown from a timid puppy into a therapy dog, bringing comfort to the elderly and hospital patients.

Camera captures the moment dog realizes his family is leaving him at the shelter. The dog, who goes by the name Electra, was surrendered by her family and placed in a California shelter. In the video below, her eyes are marked with a sadness that sears deep into her heart and soul. The cowering position of Electra’s ears and body only emphasizes.

When your pet is dying. When it is clearly your pet’s time to go, saying goodbye is a gift you give as you allow your pet to continue on their soul’s journey. It is also an opportunity for you to express your deep love and gratitude for all the fond moments you had together and for everything your pet means to you.

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