Pink flamingos to soon greet guests at Zoo Miami

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The Gladys Porter Zoo is tickled pink to introduce Paige, Chico, and Angela, three baby Chilean Flamingos that hatched earlier this month. They are the first Chilean Flamingos to hatch at Gladys Porter Zoo in ten years. Paige emerged from her egg on September 2, 2012. Chico hatched on September 7, and Angela followed soon after on September 8.

 · The Flamingo Impact. Racing aside, Hialeah Park’s endless flock of bright pink flamingos are no accident. In fact, in 1934, Widener brought over the first flock of flamingos from Cuba to the park’s main lake, hoping they would start to colonize there. When that worked, flamingos not only became synonymous with the park, but with Miami as well.

 · A real highlight of the attraction, the long-legged, pink-hued flamingos greet guests when they arrive. You can hand-feed them or watch them splash, flap and strut around, while egrets, ducks, swans and pelicans wander nearby.

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A few of the zoo’s most popular attractions are its Parrot Bowl, which hosts the Winged Wonders bird show, and a 408 kg (400 lb) liger (combination lion and tiger). Jungle Island is just one of the many highlights you can arrange to see using our online itinerary creator, Miami Edition.

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