Over One Third of College Students Reportedly Have Credit Card Debt

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Over the past year, according to Bankrate, over one-third (34%) of American households have had a major unexpected expense. but it acts as a buffer from high-cost credit card debt or other.

In these past few minutes, I have regaled to you the dangers presented by credit cards to college students and the steps we can all take to preventing excessive debt at the hands of credit companies. credit cards are an indisputable fact of life and there are many good reasons to have one.

The average college student credit card debt is around $3,200. A student’s credit card debt heavily depends on their age, their year in school, their employment status, and how many credit cards they have. A Sallie Mae Study According to this Sallie Mae study from April 2009, the average credit card debt varies significantly from college freshmen to seniors.

ownership, the amount of credit card debt incurred, the types of credit cards held and students’ attitudes toward credit usage. In general, these studies have found that while most college students now have credit cards, they appear to be using credit cards responsibly and are not accumulating large amounts of debt. How-

On average, Americans between the ages of 18 and 65 have $4,717 in credit card debt (those who carry a balance). Despite the minimum-payment figure dropping to 32% of Americans, financial expert Ric Edelman, author of eight books and host of a syndicated radio program on personal finance, said that one in three is still too many.

55 percent of college students acquire their first credit card during the first year of college, 83 percent of college students have at least one credit card and 45 percent of college students have an average credit card debt of over $3,000. (Senator Akaka, Credit Card Minimum Payment Warning Act) A $3,389 charge on a credit card (the 2004.

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Unfortunately, many graduates head out in the world with credit card debt alongside their student loan debt. Students owe an estimated $1.31-trillion for loans in 2017. Approximately $4,000 in student debt is accrued every second. The average student debt for a 2016 college graduate was $37,172 (up 6% from the previous year).