Is Danny White Overplaying His Hand By Demanding Home-and-Homes?

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Is Danny White Overplaying His Hand By Demanding Home-and-Homes? New, 9 comments South Florida scores a 2-for-1 with Miami while UCF still hasn’t announced new non-conference games in a while.

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We lost our starting QB Justin Holman to what I believe was a broken finger when he hit his hand on his follow through on a pass very early in the game. The two freshman QBs who came in after were awful and the offense completely stalled. That was a 10 point game with 2 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter, and UCF had zero offense without Holman.

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Danny moved to Southwest Arizona in the fall of 2007. He hardly misses the Michigan Winters anymore given the wonderful climate of Lake Havasu City, Arizona, an area that Danny knows just like the back of his hand. This is why he is most people’s top choice when they need advice when choosing a new home for their family.

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