Florida man howled in street, climbed onto roof of home. He thought he was meeting a DEA agent

Photo of Xtreme Rodent Control – "Found this on the roof!! He is having a tough day with his feet over his head!!:/" – San Jose, CA

A man in Longwood, Florida, captures astounding video of a "visitor" to his garage. (Photo Credit: Your Orlando/Screenshot Youtube) brad tamm lives in Longwood, Florida, a suburb not far from Orlando. This Monday, he was spending time at his home, minding his own business, when he heard some strange sounds coming from his garage.

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Top 38 Florida Stories of 2017 Posted by pioneerbasketball on 1/1/18 at 8:17 am. 11 0.. florida man high on meth climbs onto stranger’s roof to howl, deputies say. they say the man claimed he was having a meeting with a DEA agent on the roof. 8. florida woman arrested for DUI on a horse, charged with animal neglect quote: DUI on a horse.

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 · A Florida man was arrested after he got high and climbed onto the roof of a Vero Beach home, according to reports. Florida man high on meth howls in street, climbs onto roof of home | Bradenton Herald

 · Police started to arrive on the scene and forced Lloyde to move. They urged the bystanders to leave the area in case there was another explosion. Lloyde was forced to abandon his car in the middle of the street to begin the long walk home. As he made his way on foot up Route 395, he met a man who had been working at the Pentagon.

Man Shoots 6 at Florida Yoga Studio, Killing 2 and Then Himself A man. killing two people and injuring several others in a Florida yoga studio on Friday was a former maryland school teacher. suspect scott beierle fatally shot himself on Friday night after.

As the sports cap flew clean off his head, he howled in pain and keeled over. A moment later, he came to an ungraceful landing on the ground that knocked the air out of him. He had managed to hang onto his switchblade through good fortune alone, but it was kicked out of his hand by a well-placed basketball boot almost before the dust had settled.