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Big Pharma is one of the most powerful industries in the world. The global revenue for pharmaceuticals was over $1 trillion in 2014. But nowhere else in the world do the drug and medical device industries have as much power and make as much money as in the U.S.

This article was produced by the independent media institute.It was adapted from the book big pharma, Big Greed (strong arm press 2019) by Stephen Sheller with Sidney Kirkpatrick and Christopher Mondics.. The following is an adapted excerpt from the book Big Pharma, Big Greed (Strong Arm Press 2019):

The more dying of cancer the greater profits corporate Big Pharma. Death comes to us all. It is as certain and proven as anything in our lives. Yet to play with it, profit from the fear of it is.

Around 70% of accidental deaths caused by prescription drugs have been attributed to painkillers: Over the last 10 years, female overdose deaths through opioids have increased by 450%. Big Pharma’s misleading and false claims Many people have blamed the manufacturers of these dangerous opioid drugs big pharma for the addiction epidemic.

But DeWine is hardly alone in pointing the finger at Big Pharma for the overdose deaths of 91 Americans each day and 33,000. line became the mantra of pharmaceutical companies selling prescription.

When we speak of the "Big-Pharma Industry," it does not refer solely to private drug manufacturers.. How Big Pharma Greed is Killing Tens of Thousands Around the World. Prescription Drug Deaths Now Outnumber Traffic Fatalities in U.S. – Data Show – Price.

Big Pharma, big greed: Death by prescription.. At NationofChange, our mission is to help people create a more compassionate, responsible, and value-driven world, powered by communities that focus on positive solutions to social and economic problems.

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Big Pharma Lyrics: We’re underestimating the motivating / Power of greed / We’re underestimating the motivating / Power of greed / Big Pharma don’t care / About your healthcare / Big Pharma.

Big Pharma’s Greed and Rising Drug costs. 18th jan, 2017. The pharmaceutical industry has almost too much power over our ability to regulate our own health. Medications have become a necessary commodity for a large portion of the population. But many of these medications have turned out to be unaffordable.

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